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SpamEater Pro Customer Comments
Following are just a few of the many comments that we've received from some users of SpamEater Pro:
"I just wanted to let you know what a fine job you have done with SpamEater. I had i Hate Spam on my computer for a while and SpamEater does a much better job of filtering spam. 99% of my junk mail is now filtered out."
- Sigrid
"A few days after upgrading from v3.65 to v4.00 I must say Iím very impressed with the improvements; the program cuts out almost all spam now. Itís no longer a chore to read my email, great work! ... Congratulations on a much improved product."
- Paul B..
"I'm running the SpamEater Pro 4.0 (Build 88) which I JUST LOVE!"
- Mike B.
"....thanks again for producing such a great program, Spameater Pro rocks !"
- Heath F.
"I went to Tucows to look for something that would eat spam and found your program. I tested SpamEater Pro and immediately registered it. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It is a great little program and I am telling everyone about it."
- Patricia M.
"Thank you... this is by far the most effective anti-spam program I've found. It's not the cheapest, but I feel it's worth it."
- John W.
"SpamEater has worked very well and I use it as my first line of defense against the onslaught of garbage. I look forward to continue using it. Thanks for a great program!"
- Joe
"I downloaded the trial version of SpamEater and I am *very* impressed in the first five minutes of using it. I am instantly interested after having looked at many other packages and services, many of which are *far* more expensive and *far* less feature rich."
- Ken B.
"The best e-mail checker is Spam Eater Pro which can retrieve spam before you download it, and report messages to Spam Cop as well."
- Privacy South Africa (privacy.4mg.com)
"I just purchased the program, and I found it superior to McAfee's Spamkiller (no more annoying Security center)."
- Kenneth R.
"I can't say enough about how great SEP 4.0 is! As a long time user of SEP, I find this latest release to more than fill the need for a good spam filter that is easy to use unlike some other filter programs....Thanks again for a terrific product."
- Paul B.
"I am running your really great program SpamEater Pro 4 - and I think it is a very intelligent and effective tool against spam-mail!"
- Claudia K.
"I also wanted you to know how well pleased I'm with your SpamEater. It has stopped a lot of spam. Once in awhile one or two will get through, but it is great not to receive ALL that spam mail."
- Diane H.
"I've been a registered owner of your Spameater Pro 3 for over a year now an I was thoroughly impressed with the product. But this NEW release of Pro 4 is absolutely fantastic.. I use it in a server environment for all of my email accounts across my network. The spam has decreased over 80% easily. Its remarkable seeing the actual results when looking into the archive and seeing all of that junk spam heading for the deleted pile."
- Jim C.
"I have been using your program for about a year now, and the Version 4 is very exciting in its modern GUI and features. I get about 200 SPAMs per DAY. Not sure why I am so popular, because I try never to do any of the dumb Spam subscribe things...Anyway - thanks very much for your FANTASTIC PRODUCT and SUPPORT!"
- David O.
"The new version is outstanding!! It appeals to me very much. Congratulations! A lot of effort must have been put into creating so many useful features."
- Radek P.

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